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Trabalhar na Finlândia

Mensagem não lidapor LusoFin » sábado jun 16, 2007 12:35 am

Encontrar emprego é uma das tarefas prioritárias para muitos dos que se mudam para o país. Este tópico destina-se a ajudar os membros na sua busca de emprego e de informação.

Provavelmente o site mais importante e completo sobre assuntos de trabalho é o do ministério do trabalho:

These pages provide information for employers hiring foreigners and foreigners coming to work in Finland or already living in Finland.

They explain the rules of working life, permits needed to work in Finland and the Finnish working culture. They include information on such as concluding an employment contract, minimum wages, taxation and social security.

These pages contain general information on matters that are within the competence of various authorities and organisations. For more detailed information, please see the homepages of each responsible authority and party.

O site lista ofertas de emprego, de longe a maior selecção no país.

Outros sites com informação variada sobre a procura de emprego:


Secção do fórum com tópicos apenas sobre trabalho na Finlândia (esta secção)

Para quem procura empregos, eis alguns sites onde se podem encontrar empregos

Ocasionalmente algumas oportunidades de emprego que possam ser do especial interesse da comunidade Lusofin, são publicadas no nosso forum de Anúncios:
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Trabalhar na Finlândia



Re: Trabalhar na finlandia

Mensagem não lidapor Diana Sousa » terça dez 30, 2008 4:48 pm

Para acompanhar a situação económica, política e social, procurar notícias da imprensa local relativas a trabalho:

Notícias passadas sobre trabalho, emprego na Finlândia:

Social benefits for foreign seasonal workers ... ts/6880002

The Åland Islands seek workforce from abroadÅland+Islands+seek+workforce+from+abroad+/1329104187136

Help wanted: Finland’s most undesirable jobs ... 96795.html

Still plenty of jobs in the service sector ... 44814.html

Unemployment falls in May 2011 ... 77568.html

Rise in open vacancies in first quarter ... 03467.html

Bus Driving Mainly an Immigrant's Profession ... 88327.html

Närpiö Becomes Magnet for Immigrants ... 81792.html

Frosty treatment of Vietnamese workers angers people in Ostrobothnia ... 5256431015

Immigrants Fill Low-Wage Jobs in Downturn ... 53573.html

Number of available jobs plummets in Helsinki region ... 5243097750

Cleaning, Sales Popular Jobs for Immigrants ... 54215.html

Immigration Minister tries her hand at hotel cleaning ... 5240242968

Employment Continues To Improve ... 47247.html

Finland, Spain and Portugal Drag Down Eurozone Employment ... 33173.html
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Re: Trabalhar na Finlândia

Mensagem não lidapor António » sábado jan 19, 2013 4:43 pm

No início de 2013, o desemprego é resídual nas seguintes áreas:


Há excesso de oferta nos seguintes empregos:


Artigo completo: Looking for a job? Find out which have the lowest unemployment rate
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Re: Trabalhar na Finlândia

Mensagem não lidapor Diana Sousa » sexta dez 04, 2015 10:19 am

Reportagem feita pela YLE em Dezembro de 2015:

"An article from the leading daily Helsingin Sanomat featured a reporter going “undercover” to apply for work. The idea was to establish what kind of work is on offer in Finland at present and how hard it is to get. Four employment offices were contacted and each supplied a list of positions that had been open at least three months: 365 jobs in all. The reporter called or sent an email to ask more about the work, and after the potential employer followed up and they discussed the opportunity thoroughly, the journalist revealed the true purpose of the inquiry.

The takeaway? There is definitely work out there to be had. After just three hours of active calling, the reporter had already secured an interview and a preliminary agreement about six different positions. Jobs immediately available involved work as a taxi driver, a cleaner, and selling ink cartridges for printers.

As a rule, the paper found that jobs that don’t fill quickly can be divided into four categories. The first class of vacancies require specific training, like nurses or cooks. The paper’s experiment found that there were plenty of opportunities available for cooks, and quite a few jobs for nurses and caregivers.

The second category requires setting up a small business to sell a certain product, while the third entails selling products for a commission. Some 55 percent of the job opportunities in the capital city Uusimaa region fell into these two categories, an unattractive option for many, in that it is impossible to estimate potential earnings.

The fourth category includes poorly-paid jobs, often part-time or temp positions. Several firms are looking for cleaners willing to work for approximately 10 euros an hour. There are also full-time cleaning positions available in home cleaning firms, for example. Cleaners working part-time can expect to earn less than 1000 euros a month, while a full-time salary runs at around 1,600 euros. This is less than half the average wage in Finland today. "

Artigo em Finlandês:
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